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Whether you want to begin a new journey in D&D or you're trying to find a specific Pokémon card to give you an edge over your friends, Friendly Ghost Games has what you need. Our local game store in Casper, WY has been providing tabletop gamers with everything they need to enjoy their hobby for over eight years. Stop by to browse our extensive collection of products. We offer classic board games, trading cards for sale, protective card sleeves, private game space rentals & more.

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What else do we offer?

You can do more than just purchase tabletop gaming products at our store. We also offer personal play spaces so you and your friends can have a private place to game. Come to us for:

  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Trading cards
  • Classic board games
  • Board game accessories
  • Protective card sleeves
  • Private game space rentals
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Why choose Friendly Ghost Games?

There are several reasons why Casper, WY area residents trust our local game store. You'll be glad to know that:

  • Our staff has over eight years of experience
  • We offer loyalty programs and discounts for repeat customers
  • We provide outstanding customer service
Questions? Call us at 307-337-4263 to learn more about what you can find at our tabletop game shop.

Tbh a lot of these shops are not women friendly, Ghost games on the other hand very much so is! The staff always make me feel very welcome and answer all my questions! It's our families go to shop for cards and games. I see people of all ages and walks of life enjoying the environment and everything this shop offers.

Sarah Shaffer

Bowman, Brandon and Dustin are some of my favorite people I've met in this town. The store is great. I buy a lot of MTG and board games here. Modern Monday is something we look forward to every week.

Casper Wyoming

Very friendly staff that offer a welcoming experience. This location offers a wide variety of paints and minis fit for any TTRPG or whatever you're into

matt s

Such a friendly staff. A great place for cards, board games, and D&D. They are always willing to order things you need and very welcoming. This is THE game store you want to support in the casper area. Thanks for all you do Friendly Ghost!

Jacob Riis

Awesome little shop with Awesome employees and a great selection of games. I forgot his name :( but the guy who helped my son pick out 2 games was extremely knowledgeable and knew alot about all the different board games. After we purchased the games we picked his brain about the town as we were visiting to see if we want to move there. He was very nice and gave me a lot of good info on the area. The name fits the shop on many levels! If you're in Casper and you're looking for a new board game, D&D, Magic, or Warcraft stop on in I know you won't be disappointed

Mr & Mrs L

Great store! Highly recommend. Friendly staff!I really liked the private game rooms. No competing with another table just to be heard. Haven't found many gaming stores like that.


Always a friendly staff, they generally have alot of the Magic the Gathering singles I am looking for and are awesome for conversation! They also deal well in many other popular TCGs.

Steven Meyer

Great game selection. They have dozens of board and card games. They carry Magic, Pokemon, and Flesh and Blood. They carry several varieties of miniatures and lots of games to demo. They have plenty of room to play any games you like. Found some very friendly and helpful people, including the staff. Will be coming back often!


The game displays are very neatly organized, and i could just be lucky, but they always seem to have what I need in stock. It's always a joy to stop in and support the local gaming community.

Adam Gates

Friendly knowledgeable staff. Owner is very helpful in finding multiple games that would fit our gaming needs. He took the time to describe several games to us and how the games worked. Great selection of Games available.

Gr Basham

Super awesome place! All kinds of collectibles and books and the staff are amazing. I came in right before close and they let me shop. I would recommend all travelers swing by this shop and check it out!

Ben Parker

Great place to play dnd.

Brandon Herdt

They have so much to offer! Great areas for gaming and reasonable prices. They also have snacks and drinks that you can purchase while you're hanging out. They have different events on different nights too! Such a great place to get cool board and tabletop games. And of course Magic the Gathering. Wonderful atmosphere and friendly staff.

Daphne Bahmer

Awesome local gaming store conveniently located in downtown Casper... In addition to carrying awesome games and gaming supplies, it seems like there's always something great going on here.

S. M.

Super friendly, awesome place to go buy dice! Not a huge selection of dice bags, bit plenty of books, boardgames, and miniatures! They even have a room you can rent for game night.